'Hello, I Must Be Going' gets more comments

Good day Phil fans, and a happy new year to you all!

The "Ology" site gives a record rewind review to Phil's 'Hello, I Must Be Going' album, check out the article here.  

All the best to you in the new year!


Posted on 1 Jan @ 18:13  1 comments

Daryl talks about the making of 'No Jacket Required'

Good day Phil Fans!

There's a thorough interview with Daryl Stuermer at the SoulCulture blog site, about the making of Phil's smash album, 'No Jacket Required.'

Check it out at this link.


Posted on 17 Dec @ 19:18  1 comments

Reviews of new remaster for "Hello, I Must Be Going"

Good day Phil fans!

The recent remaster of Phil's 2nd solo album, "Hello, I Must Be Going" has been getting solid reviews from many different venues.  Check out these reviews:


Posted on 20 Nov @ 18:19  3 comments

Phil's drums, and other items...

Good day Phil fans!

For those of you interested in Phil's drums, this article with close up photos of one of Phil's classic kits is of interest!  


Posted on 29 Oct @ 2:28  2 comments

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