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Reviews of new remaster for "Hello, I Must Be Going"

Good day Phil fans!

The recent remaster of Phil's 2nd solo album, "Hello, I Must Be Going" has been getting solid reviews from many different venues.  Check out these reviews:

  1. Blinded by Sound
  2. Seattle Post Intelligencer
  3. Something Else!

In other news, the production of Tarzan in Hamburg, Germany, has reached its third anniversary.  This link has a brief article about the milestone, and photos of the show, including some with Phil on stage.

Also, can you name the five gold singles from the US in Phil's catalog?  Check out this site to see if you can guess correctly!

Keep listening!



It's a fantastic album. When I found the notes of "Why can't it  wait till morning"on my piano I thank to be in in paradise and I don't care anymore is very increasing energic. When selling will start? Phil come back in Italy on tour! Will it be selled in Italy in limited remastered edition?  


Posted 3 years 31 weeks ago

Is anyone a fan of Phil as a memeber of Genesis ?   pete,  


Posted 3 years 34 weeks ago

Hi, nice articles, is good to know that there will come a remasterd Single res. an album soon. I hope it will avialble in germany too. So I allways liked this album all the time particularly 'Do you know and do you care' and 'It don't matter to me' and 'Why can't it wait til morning' THE THREE BIG  even today they are till wonderful. So keep on singing res. rockin ! BG Yess


Posted 3 years 35 weeks ago

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