Live in Montreux Blu-Ray and DVD release!

Phil Collins Live at Montreux

Good day Phil fans!

A bit of news for you all...  Phil is releasing the Montreux performance from the First Final Farewell Tour.  Release dates are as follows:


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'Hello, I Must Be Going' gets more comments

Good day Phil fans, and a happy new year to you all!

The "Ology" site gives a record rewind review to Phil's 'Hello, I Must Be Going' album, check out the article here.  

All the best to you in the new year!


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Daryl talks about the making of 'No Jacket Required'

Good day Phil Fans!

There's a thorough interview with Daryl Stuermer at the SoulCulture blog site, about the making of Phil's smash album, 'No Jacket Required.'

Check it out at this link.


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Reviews of new remaster for "Hello, I Must Be Going"

Good day Phil fans!

The recent remaster of Phil's 2nd solo album, "Hello, I Must Be Going" has been getting solid reviews from many different venues.  Check out these reviews:


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